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Troya, la película



The New York Post knows where to find good stories: Right here.

Page Six paid us the ultimate compliment on Friday by picking up our item in which Peter O'Toole said that his movie ''Troy'' was a ''disaster'' and its director, Wolfgang Petersen, a ''kraut'' and ''a clown.''

In case the Post is looking for more O'Toole dish for tomorrow, we can report today that the 71-year-old Oscar-winner has been communing with the dead down at the just-wrapped Savannah Film Festival. The impish Irishman made a nighttime visit to the St. Bonaventure Cemetery, where he did a little jig at the grave of composer Johnny Mercer while singing Mercer's ''Jeepers Creepers.''

Fortified with red wine, O'Toole also had a merry time testing film critic Roger Ebert and actor Jason Patric on their knowledge of William Butler Yeats' poetry as they walked to a party. (The three-block walk took 45 minutes.)

P.S. -- We asked Patric how he liked co-starring with the sometimes-temperamental Ashley Judd on Broadway in ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.''

Monterey County Herald - 11/07/2004


''No comment,'' he said with a sly smile.

Rob Mackie

“The Guardian”


About O’Toole affair Vs. Pettersen


Hollywood in ancient mode with Brad Pitt as a brooding, muscular Achilles, reams of noble, cliched dialogue and some pretty good battles. It's the oldies who look at home - Peter O'Toole could do this in his sleep and brings a little reality to events. Pitt is much-mocked for his performance, but I thought Orlando Bloom, a Paris you could blow over with a stiff breeze, was more risible as Helen's seducer. It doesn't help that the target audience knows more about Paris and Nicole than Paris and Helen and would struggle to place Sparta or Troy on a map. I counted 30 hairdressers and three military advisers in the credits.